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The Films

Not Like The Commercials


Scott and Kara have an interesting and loving relationship that is a mixture of “best friends” and “best enemies,” a constant game of “one-up-man ship.” Scott and Kara are forced to examine themselves and their relationship when they face the possibilities of a major life changing event. They quickly realize life is Not Like The Commercials.

Not Like The Commercials is the third collaboration of G Sharp Productions and CGL Studios. The short film project is directed by C. Wyatt Cagle and features actors Karina Pal-Montaño and Damon Nash. The project is produced by Cagle, Kenneth Dupuis, and Gordon S. Williams.

For more information on Not Like The Commercials visit the project's Facebook page.


CGL Studios/ G Sharp Productions - 2012


Do You


Paula Teague and Frank Bradshaw only have one thing in common.  They want their children to end their current relationship.  The Bradshaw's, a Southern white family are surprised to meet their daughter Kesha's boyfriend, Cameron Teague, who is black.  Surprised changed to outrage when Cameron introduced Kesha to his outspoken mother, Paula.


When Kesha and Cameron decide to get married, the feelings and stereotypes of their over protective parents are made clear.  Their opinions force Kesha and Cameron to attempt drastic measures to maintain their love.


To view the behind-the-scenes documentary for Do You, click on Did That! The Making Of Do You.


CGL Studios/ G Sharp Productions - 2008




Prominent athlete, B.J. Stone is stalked by a mysterious woman after the untimely death of investigative reporter, Jennifer Nguyen in Gemini.


This project is the directorial debut of emerging filmmaker C. Wyatt Cagle and is the fourth film produced by G Sharp Productions.  The ensemble cast for Gemini includes Calily Bien, Mitchell Lance Adams, D. Wesson, Jeremy James Douglas Norton, and Errol Anthony Wilks.


To view the behind-the-scenes documentary for Gemini, click on Gemini: Behind The Mask.


CGL Studios/ G Sharp Productions - 2004


The Greater Ambition


A high profile celebrity and a strong willed television producer try to balance love and their prosperous careers in the romantic drama, The Greater Ambition.

The ensemble cast for The Greater Ambition includes Tony McNary, Taja V. Simpson, Channon Dade, David Wesson, Tonnie Walker, Tracy Permenter, Errol Anthony Wilks, Carmelita Harris, Frantina Carrier, and Joy Harris.


To view a behind-the-scenes interview with Gordon S. Williams on The Greater Ambition, click here.

G Sharp Productions - 2002


The Story of Marcus and Reyna


Will time, love, space, and romance align for two star-crossed lovers in The Story of Marcus and Reyna? 


The ensemble cast for this short film includes Lance Adams, Tonya Brown, Katrina Watson, Anna Riley, Tony McNary, and Sherell Harrell.


G Sharp Productions - 2000

A Dance


A spontaneous couple, music, and a rainy afternoon are the ingredients for A Dance.  The short film features actors Tony McNary, Adrienne Clayton, Samira Hooper, Mitchell Adams, and Sam Cash.


G Sharp Productions - 1999

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